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Medical Administration Solutions

Medical Administration Solutions is an extended arm of Coreano Medical Management Services Corp. in Puerto Rico. Coreano worked with many Clinics and Hospitals in Puerto Rico and USA to provide coding and billing services. It was formed in 2019.

With understanding of problems faced by Doctors and Patients in managing appointments, paper work and tracking of patients, Coreano Services formed a new company to cater the need of hour.

Idea is to create a simplified and systematic medical and healthcare eco-system to support patients and reduce chaos in clinics. 

Michael S.

Michael Serrall├ęs

Michael is CEO of MAS LLC. He is a certified accounting person and had done masters in Medical Administration. With his over 20 years of detailed experience, he is the one who is going to make a dream possible for Patients.

"Medical practices and services should be very simple to use as they are for people who are suffering and need immediate help"


Gopesh Raghuvanshi

Gopesh is Chief Operating Officer of Medical Administration Solutions and Owner of Patent of SPIRALS Health. With over 26 years of Information Technology background, Gopesh has handled and managed engagements for clients in USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Middle East, New Zealand and so on. AT&T, British Telecom, NHS (UK), Vodafone, Telecom New-Zealand are couple of key engagement lead by Gopesh during his career.

"With advancement of Technologies, Medical IT and Healthcare Tech must be aligned to make easier, better and integrated solution for consumers and providers"